Speechelo Review [Updated 2021] – How Good Is This?

Speechelo Review

Speechelo Review – This is a genuine Speechelo Review writing from my own personal experience with this product. After so many years of using Speechelo I am glad to share my experience here.

Speechelo is made by the same organization that owns thumbnail blaster, lingo blaster and video marketing blaster. 

There are 3 different ways to do a voiceover:

1. Either you hire an expert voiceover.

2. Make use of your own voice.

3. Get a product to do it for you. 

We will discuss utilizing a product called ‘Speechelo’ to do the voicing here. 

Speechelo Review

Speechelo Review

I really want to be a Youtuber but here is the problem, I don’t have the voice or public broadcasting voice like that of Larry King. 

That is the reason I feel humiliated and attempt to show certain captions and pictures on Youtube instead of utilizing my own voice. That is a ton of work and lastly I quit. 

I was attempting numerous ways and technique on how to turn into a Youtuber with a pleasant voice however without utilizing my own voice. You know, I am not a local news speaker, I am a foreigner with an accent. I figure it might be difficult for somebody to comprehend my English. 

While I was streaming through different videos on Youtube, I came across a very good software called ‘Content Samurai’ presently called ‘Vidnami’. 

It is a video making software, what really got my interest is this product incorporates an AI Voice generator from text. I was so interested and fascinated in knowing the fact that this software can really help me in a very large way to narrate the video and not make use of my voice.

Little information about vidnami

I looked through a few reviews on Youtube planning to get a brief look at the demonstration of the AI voice and wishing it doesn’t sound just like a robot.

After i had gone through several different reviews and demo, it sounds halfway human and if you change the tone of the voice accurately you can fool a few people into accepting that it is a genuine human’s voice.

There are a few voices for your choice, ranging from male to female to children, American and British speaking accent. Anyways a portion of the voice sound don’t sound great, however there are in every case fair ones you can get, you will know just by listening to it.

How Vidnami functions is, you just put in the content then the product/software will pull out a progression of slides, pictures, and video from their license free library which is based on each keyword on the content.

Either way you can always transfer your own recordings, pictures or your own custom voice. It is an intriguing software but  anyway it does come with a monthly cost which is so expensive and for now i cannot afford.

Speechelo Reviews

So lets focus back on the Speechelo Review [Speechelo Reviews]

Speechelo is a voice generator software having no video presentation. It does not only speak English, Speechelo has a few other non-English languages Ai voice generators too. It is an extraordinary instrument for loners or non-local speakers who need to include content with an expert voice tone. 

The voices is very stable and you can’t recognize if it is human or Ai voice, you can physically change the voice with ‘breathing’,’emphasizing’ certain words and slow down the reading speed to make it sound more like a human.

The beneficial thing is Speechelo is more cost effective for me to own it instead of paying for a month to month charge. It cost $67!  If you are interested you click the button below to buy Speechelo, discount has just applied! 

Features of Speechelo [Speechelo Review]

Unlimited Voice Generation – Speechelo offers high unlimited voice generation with 700 words restriction under the standard plan however if you need an unlimited content to-voice generation you can go for the upgraded version which is present in the upsell.  

When compared with the ‘Audioflow Pro’version , it gives you a limit of 3000 text to-voice generation which is just not worth it. 

Different Languages and Texts – Speechelo’s main primary language is English, there are other 23 unknown languages you can use as an AI voice for your speech, it is fascinating that French has different voice types.

With this there is no compelling reason to hire a costly expert voiceover. It significantly benefits independent Youtubers with a low financial plan. You can alter the voice in any way you need. 

The main thing you have to do is input the writings, pick the voice type and respective accent, at that point it automatically converts to Ai voice for you just within a couple of seconds. What makes Speechelo so remarkable from other Ai Voice generators is it incorporates things like ‘Breath’, ‘Pitch leveling’ and ‘Emphasize’ to make the voice sound more like a genuine person.

Supported Languages – The included languages are; Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, English, French,German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean,Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh 

Convert Video into Captions – Presently Speechelo incorporates the best component for changing over different recordings into captions for repurposing. The product will automatically recognize the language of the video from Youtube and convert into English and non-English also. Then Speechelo will then generate the translated script into an AI Voice. This component is very convenient if you run a channel with different languages.

These are all the needed features of Speechelo that you require to know. I can say that it is really worth each penny of your cash. You can produce unlimited recordings without utilizing your own voice.

Speechelo Reviews

The Pros and Cons of Speechelo [Speechelo Review]

Pros of speechelo

  • Easy to use: Speechelo is very easy to use by just clicking with a mouse.
  • Various Languages: It has so many different languages. 
  • No API: No coding and no Google API or Amazon Polly API is needed to run the product. You can adjust speech with breath, pitch level and emphasis to make it sound more like a genuine human voice. You can auto-record the voice-to-messages from a Youtube video.

Cons of speechelo

  • Presently the product has just 30 different Languages, which you will definitely make use of one.
  • Language like French does not have a decent accent.

Speecelo Pricing [Speechelo Review]

There are two different price structures, a one time payment fee of $67 for the product alone but does not include the ‘Pro’ features. The upgraded ‘Pro’ features gives you an assortment of voices from kid to adult, from English to Japanese and from American to British intonations.

The English AI voice is very much done, yet the Italian voice isn’t so good. If you didn’t have the Pro form, you can just have a content of 700 words most extreme and need to download them individually. For Pro, there is a boundless number of texts you can produce per use. 

If you can’t help thinking about what is listed in the upgraded Speechelo ‘Pro’ version, it offers more than 30 different voices, large unlimited content for voice generation and also 23 non-English languages.

The Speechelo software alone can produce numerous kinds of voices, it is effortlessly incorporated with a third-party video creation software like Camtasia, Adobe Premier, Audacity, iMovie, and so forth.

Speechelo Review

Summary on the Speechelo Review

Speechelo is a very good AI voice generator software that completely seems like a genuine individual. The ordinary mode isn’t awesome but if you physically adjust it appropriately you can make it sound like a human and the vast majority of people can’t differentiate.

If you do not speak English or you don’t have a good accent in English language and you really want to start creating Youtube contents in English Language, then, I really recommend Speechelo as the main solution because from my own experience, it is the best.

Speechelo is a product that runs on cloud and you don’t need to download or even install it. You can get access to this software by just using your computer or smartphone.


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