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Hydralyft Review

Hydralyft Review – Beauty is beyond skin-deep, but how deep is skin exactly? Your skin is the largest and one of the most significant organs in the human body. It is the first layer of defense against the thousands of particles of bacteria and toxins that we are exposed to at any given moment.

Oil secretions help to keep the skin waterproof and elastic for growth and movement, and sweat aids in the body’s temperature regulation.

All of this doesn’t even begin to cover how the skin protects from the sun’s UV rays, aids in the production of Vitamin D, or allows us to touch and feel different sensations that can warn us of danger or trigger different emotions and understandings of the world around us. Essentially being good to your skin, means being good to your whole body. 

With the increasing expansion of the beauty industry into more and more kinds of products, skincare has been minimized to be something superficial, when in reality it is just as important as every other part of health, from checkups, to supplements, and healthy living.

So whether you are just beginning your skin care journey, or you have problematic skin (skin sagging, wrinkles, blemishes, etc.), or you’re just looking to boost your routine, Hydralyft is the perfect product for you. 

What is Hydralyft?

Hydralyft is a skin care supplement manufactured by an American company, 5th & Glow. This is a company started by Cecilia Wong, one of the most highly-consulted facialists today, presently-based in New York City. Her passion for skin care began at the age of fourteen, she had problematic skin and began to research and create her own natural facial mixtures.

In 2009, she started her own facial clinic, and it became a success, utilizing a variety of non-invasive, naturally-based techniques to help clients achieve healthier, and younger looking skin.

The achievements in her clinic led to her being labeled a skin care expert by magazines like Glamour, W Magazine, Allure, etc; and eventually the birth of 5th & Glow. This company has free worldwide delivery, offers a 1-year 100% money back guarantee, and quality and purity standards in place for all of their products. 

What Makes Hydralyft So Important? 

After the age of 20, the skin slowly starts to age by reducing collagen production by about 1% every following year. This is important to note because collagen is responsible for many of the skin’s responsibilities.

Its presence is required for proper functioning of the sweat and oil glands (which aid in moisturizing skin and preventing pimples, etc.) and the creation of elastin and other compounds which allow for the skin to stay firm and elastic (which prevents wrinkling, sagging, creasking, minor stretch marks, etc).

So as you continue to age, this small reduction in collagen begins to add up and can cause dermal collapse (loose sagging skin and wrinkling associated with aging) as well as a host of later-life skin conditions. According to 5th & Glow, Hydralyft is the FIRST skin care supplement that is capable of preventing and repairing dermal collapse due 

to aging. This is because it is more than just a collagen supplement, it is a complete skin care package. 

Hydralyft Primary Ingredients [Hydralyft Review]


This compound is also known as Vitamin B7 aids in a variety of metabolic processes in the body, as well as boosts growth, strength, and thickness in hair and nails. However, it has also been shown to notably improve skin health by maintaining the mucous membranes that allow for the excretions that keep the skin moisturized and waterproof. Fat metabolism induced by biotin can also help in the creation of a semipermeable, antimicrobial layer that is excreted by the skin. The fewer microbes and UV rays that are able to penetrate the skin, the less acne, blemishes, and other related skin problems you are likely to see. 


This is a unique blend of Chinese herbs that discourages the natural breakdown of collagen (protein framework that keeps skin firm and plump) and hyaluronic acid (supports moisture retention in the skin). This means this is a completely natural ingredient that is used to combat wrinkles, sagging, and other signs of aging within the skin. 

Red Orange Complex 

Blood oranges are fruits that contain higher concentration of nutritional values like vitamin C, folic acid, and calcium, but most importantly vitamin A and anthocyanins. Vitamin A and anthocyanins promote skin immune health. This means in the event that the skin is attacked by microbes or free radicals, which may be wreaking havoc on the skin. Anthocyanins help amplify the immune response so it is faster and more effective, which helps to reduce inflammation (your body’s natural immune response).Vitamin A has additional benefit of acting as a sort of homeostatic trigger for cells within the skin. It encourages normal production and function of compounds that are responsible for melanin production (which can aid in hyperpigmentation) and oil production (which aids in moisturization, acne reduction, and healthy skin glow). 

Special Ingredient Blend 

Asides the more common, primary ingredients above, what makes Hydralyft truly unique is the special proprietary blend that no other skin care product on the market has. This blend consists of gotu kola extract, horsetail extract, green tea extract, rose hips, and resveratrol. All of these elements are 100% natural and all encourage healthy skin by providing a large pool of resources for daily skin function and maintenance. Gotu Kola is a staple, traditional Chinese herb known for improving blood circulation, which increases the skin’s access to essential nutrients for proper function. Horsetail is often associated with many anti-aging and anti-inflammation, which is good for mild acne or skin irritation, and helps heal wounds, scarring, and other mild pigmentation issues. Green tea is world-renowned because it is such a powerful antioxidant that 

is good for reducing collagen breakdown (anti-aging), however, it also reduces inflammation and helps to clean out pores. Rosehip oil operates similarly, but it concentrates more on creating more even skin because it is high in vitamins A and C. Finally, resveratrol is another antioxidant that is capable of improving skin appearance by aiding in UV blockage and the reduction of free radicals. 

Hydralyft Review

The Effectiveness of Hydralyft

Combined, these ingredients enable Hydralyft to stimulate and increase collagen levels by as much as 80% and as high as 20% for hyaluronic acid. These two compounds are the cornerstone for skin appearance in terms of youthful skin appearance. The higher the concentration of these substances, the younger, more radiant, and healthy your skin will look.

The enzyme most responsible for aging (MMP-1) is not kept at healthy levels so that skin cells can continue to be replaced at normal levels, while minimizing / slowing the rate of aging. Finally, the ingredients are rich in antioxidants that help to protect the dermal layers of the skin from UV rays and encourage healing and rebuilding, naturally. 

Hydralyft Reviews: Cream Vs Supplement

There may be a little concern about making a skincare product a supplement rather than a topical cream or ointment. Nevertheless, the truth is that because of the skin’s purpose to protect against the external environment, it excretes oils to form antimicrobial, semipermeable membranes that are sensitive even to micromolecules like collagen and hyaluronic acid.

This means that the skin’s barriers will not permit much of the product to pass through and be absorbed; therefore, the impact of the product will be greatly limited if not completely hindered. Not to mention the tendency for topical products to rub off on clothes, bed sheets, or melt away via sweat, etc.

In the form of a dietary supplement, when Hydralyft is consumed, the capsule is broken down in the stomach, and the ingredients are released into the GI tract, where they are more readily, and more efficiently absorbed and transported to exactly where they are needed the most. Not to mention that it is much easier to ]to take a supplement than to apply a topical treatment. 

Hydralyft Review

Benefits of Hydralyft

Hydralyft Review – Any Side Effects???

As far as can be researched at the time of this writing, there is no known side effect to Hydralyft. All the ingredients are natural and generally hypoallergenic. In addition, 5th & Glow take serious precautions to ensure that their products are of the highest quality of GMP-certified manufacturers.

Testimonials on the Hydralyft [Customer Reviews]

Upon further investigation, it was quite difficult to find any negative reviews about the product. It is very straightforward and easy to use, only 1 dietary supplement per day to be taken with or without food. There is no need to worry about scheduling meals in time to take the supplement, it is literally whenever you can within the day. Within the US, this product can be shipped within 

5-7 business days, and for international consumers, 10-14 business days, varying by local importation customs. The 365-day money back guarantee proves the confidence of the company in the product, and the abundance of reviews raving about the improvement seen in just a matter of weeks is quite convincing.

Perhaps the only con to this product is that it is not available for in-store purchase. To access, go to 5thandglow.com, click the ‘Shop’ tab, and look for Hydralyft. The key to better skin and a better you is literally at your fingertips. What are you waiting for? 

Hydralyft Reviews

Conclusion on the Hydralyft Supplement

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