Combat Fighter Review 2021 – Does This Really Work?

Combat Fighter Review

Combat Fighter Review – Fastest and most effective way to learn self defense at your comfort.

The level of insecurities in every part of the word is increasing rapidly. These insecurities are even more when there’s a pandemic (an example is the covid-19) and there is scarcity of the basic essentials.

Knowing self defense is very much important especially in these difficult covid-19 times. Self defense provides you with the ability/skills to protect yourself, family and others from danger.

It is essential for everyone to learn self defense as it’s inevitable to be alone at some point in your day or life. To be guaranteed of safety, every individual needs to equipped with a wide range of skills that will enable him protect himself/herself, family and others.

Sadly, women tend to be more vulnerable to violent and unexpected harmful attacks as most attackers believe they are weak. Combat fighter is here to the rescue as it provides an online self-protection course which teaches you skills to keep you and yours safe during any physical altercation.

When efficiently used, combat fighter teaches you martial arts which is the most popular form of self defense. These videos are designed systematically to teach individuals to defend ones self rather than hastily fight.

Additionally, there are numerous benefits gained whilst using the combat fighter to learn self defense. The benefits that come from people having self defense skills are it develops self-esteem which in turn helps to overcome fear, respect of self and awareness.

Furthermore, our communities in general will benefit from more people having self defense skills as this will reduce the crime rates if attackers are aware of people’s self defense skills. In turn, the commitment of misdemeanors becomes lesser.

Now, you would be thinking there are lots of combat tutor videos on the internet today either on youtube or other platforms for free so why do I have to purchase the combat fighter? This review is going to highlight the advantages of using combat fighter over the rest.

As there are pros & cons for everything, this review is also going to highlight the cons of using Combat fighter.

Combat Fighter Review: What is Combat Fighter?

Combat Fighter is an electronic book created by John Black that contains a systematic approach in equipping individuals with the basic skills and more to defend themselves, family and others from violent attacks.

Even more interesting, you can learn these skills at the comfort of your home as this is promoting the “stay at home” campaign in other to curb the spread of the corona virus.

Combat fighter training program contains techniques used by top security agencies to defend themselves and those around them.

This e-book provides you with a step by step approach with the aim of making you a better/perfect fighter as well as improving your fighting skills and abilities for those that have a little knowledge and experience in it.

Whilst the world is shifting to work from home, meetings online, work out at home etc. Individuals have come up with various techniques to stay fit and in good shape.

Combat fighter provides a program which does not only equip you with skills to protect yourself but also provides you with important details on how to remain in an excellent body shape.

Interestingly, these programs are broken into bits with the aim of making it more convenient for individuals and are very simple to learn whilst being effective.

Combat Fighter Review
Combat Fighter Review

How does the Combat Fighter program work? [Combat Fighter Review]

The eccentricity of this program is how simple and effective the programs are. This program equips you with skills and techniques that will keep you and yours safe at all times.

The author John Black has carefully needled these programs to teach you on how to make simple, yet power strikes that would take your attacker out without them expecting it.

This program is also needled to be as simple as possible hence, slow learners are not at a disadvantage. No one is at a disadvantage using Combat fighter as it would equip you with simple but yet effective moves.

The moves in this programs are;

  1. Blitz Blast: This move teaches you how to strike your attacker down within seconds. It is known that the faster you put your attacker down, the better/safer you will be. Blitz blast comes into play in this situation, It is an offensive attack strategy which involves attacking your opponent with a large force as safely and efficient to knock them down in seconds. Where can you use Blitz Blast? It can be used on attacks ranging from a dumpster, vehicle or a house attack to a fully involved garage or commercial structure attack.
  2. Center Line Strike: Although conservative, this move knocks your attacker immediately. While every system has its own techniques and different mindsets, what is consistent is the presence of lines of attack. Generally, center line is an invisible line that extends from your center (nose + belly button) forward and defines where your attacks can effectively travel.
  3. Surgical Strike: This move is centred on massive neurological disruption. It is advised to use this move to overcome attackers who are physically stronger than you.
  4. Force Hijack: As the name implies, this move involves literally taking control by force. It enables you overcome your attacker by using their own force against them.
  5. Tipping point principle: This move teaches you how to shift from defense to attack within seconds utilizing moments to knock your attacker out in few seconds.
  6. Third Eye: As the name implies, this move involves awakening your situational awareness; this in turn will give you the senses on how to get yourself out of any situation with minimal effort and risk to yourself.

Being able to protect yourself in all situations is a confident booster as much as it is a reassurance.

This guide gives you the opportunity to alter your life by developing confidence, self-discipline, warrior spirit, fighters reflex and much more which will enable you go about your daily activities worrying about your safety or family when you are around them.

Combat Fighter System Review

About the Author, John Black

You might be wondering which of the John Black’s created Combat fighter as you are already familiar with quiet a number of famous John Blacks.

However, the author (John Black) works for the US army. Having acquired various techniques and skills in combat, John Black decided to create a systematic guide to help experienced as well as newbies perfect there fighting skills.

Before joining the army in his early days, John Black was attacked by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. In the bid to prevent this from re-occurring, he came up with a plan to ensure this never happens again.

This unfortunate event was pivotal in him joining the army and getting his experience in fighting.

Being a thoughtful individual, John Black decided to come up with this guide to equip individuals who were like him to acquire certain skills and technique which will help you evade such incident and protect yourself and loved ones.

What are the benefits you get from using Combat Fighter? [Combat Fighter Review]

The numerous benefits of using combat fighters are;

  1. It builds your confidence. Having learnt the skills provided in the guide, you will no longer carry out your daily activities in fear. This makes you feel good when you know you have the abilities to protect you and yours from violent attacks
  2. It helps develop self-discipline. Whilst Combat fighter helps develop your fighting abilities, it develops your self-discipline too. A double package isn’t it?
  3. It provides you comfort. You get to learn these skills at the comfort of your homes and office.
  4. It will improve your street awareness.This make you more aware of your surrounding and will awaken sense that will help you detect violent situations.
  5. It provides you with a fun and simple workout to get fit.
  6. It will help you develop a fighters reflex. This is a plus as it will help you know how to respond when you are being attacked.

Combat Fighter Cons

While having numerous benefits, Combat Fighter has few cons which varies with individuals. They are;

  1. You need an electronic device to read it.
  2. Purchasing it doesn’t give you the skills you need, you have to put in work to get the best result.
Combat Fighter Review

Who should and who shouldn’t use Combat Fighter?

Combat Fighter is a systematic guide made for all age groups and sex.

How much does Combat Fighter cost?

Combat fighter cost just $37. This provides you with full access to this program. When acquired, you will be gifted with three (3) bonus guides. Below are the three (3) bonuses you get when you purchase Combat Fighter.

  1. Advance situational manual- This will awaken your senses to detect potential violence.
  2. Alpha Survival manual.
  3. The Alpha nation, an online coaching community.

Where to buy Combat Fighter

Combat Fighter can be purchased at their official website


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